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Countervail Games

Countervail Games

Vancouver based mobile game developer specializing in innovative and engaging AAA titles.

MotionPix Game Studio

MotionPix Game Studio

Mobile game development studio with exclusive rights to create titles based on major Hollywood IP.

TinyRex Games

TinyRex Games

A talented, eccentric indie mobile games studio bringing a whimsical take to narrative-driven idle games.

GOT Game

Got Game

Newly founded Italian/European media company with a focus on delivering high quality, around the clock gaming and esports related content for next generation smart devices and streaming services.

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PLAY is a compelling and diversified vehicle for capital growth!

Playground provides early stage access to a highly lucrative and fast-growing industry.

Shareholder value is built through a unique portfolio of revenue generating games and digital media assets.

If you’re looking for early stage access with long term potential in a rapidly growing industry – this is the play!

We back talented teams that make exciting games!

Playground partners with industry players from financing and development through to marketing and live operations.

Our experienced team and network work directly with our partners to achieve successful commercial releases.

We’re all about mutually beneficial relationships, if you have something you want us to see, reach out to us, we’d love to take a look!

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Playground Ventures Announces Acquisition of Countervail Games Inc.

Playground Ventures Inc. is pleased to announce, further to its press release of June 10, 2021, that the Company has entered into a share purchase agreement dated September 27, 2021, with Countervail Games Ltd.
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Playground Ventures Announces Resignation of CFO and Appointment of Operations Accounting Manager

Playground Ventures Inc. announces that Sophia Tomory has resigned as the Company's Chief Financial Officer, effectively immediately.
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Playground Ventures Reports Second Quarter Financial Results

Playground Ventures Inc. is pleased to announce financial results for its second fiscal 2021 quarter ending June 30, 2021.

About Playground

We’re in the early stages of scaling our operations, but our dedicated team is ready to take Playground from the new kid on the block to a globally recognized digital media brand – Let’s play!

Countervail Games